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At the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is fantastically well placed to maintain its vision to become the international partner of choice from within the EU, especially during hectic times post Brexit. Attracting talent from all borders is a priority for the country and for local companies which on their end are ready to supply the necessary skills and experience.

As an ERP software editor and bespoke solutions provider, Sita Software holds all the cards to help newly moved UK companies hit the ground running in Luxembourg. With multiculturalism, multilingual abilities and crucial skills in accounting and management software expertise, Sita Software is the perfect IT partner newly establishing companies can count on to tackle the new challenges with AzurERP.

The most dominant advantages of AzurERP, especially to companies impacted by Brexit are:

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No matter the size or the line of business of your company, Azur's management software tailors itself to your needs and evolves with your company.





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